• Led Glass Cup (Rainbow Color)

    Sold By: WESTARS

    First there were party drinks, then there were body lights / blinkes, now we bring you our LED Light-Up Flashing Mug, the ultimate light-up party favor!

    Sold By: WESTARS

    Led Glass Cup (Rainbow Color)

  • Self Stirring Mug

    Sold By: WESTARS
    • Perfect for mixing juices, cocktails, coffees, teas, protein shakes and formulas etc.
    • This personal mixer system by Allytech is 100% PORTABLE, which allows you to mix up proteins and shakes while on the go.
    • Easy and convenient to use,wash and storage with Stylish & Unique design.
    • Color will be Send as per Availability.
    Sold By: WESTARS

    Self Stirring Mug

  • New Smart Plastic Multipurpose Manual Juicer (Green)

    Sold By: WESTARS
    • Easy turn handle for hassle-free juicing, Stainless steel filter that deseeds the fruits and vegetables.
    • Patented anti-drip system for clear and fresh juice.
    • All parts are detachable for easy cleaning, Made from plastic and stainless steel.
    • Package Contents: 1-Piece Juicer and 1-Piece Juice Jug.
  • Dough Maker Machine With Measuring Cup (Atta Maker)

    Sold By: WESTARS

    Made from Unbrekable Virgin Plastic Body. High Grade Mirror Finish Makes Them Look Quite Elegant.

  • Ginger Garlic Crusher for Kitchen

    Sold By: WESTARS

    Ginger Garlic Crusher for Kitchen :

    Vegetable Crusher (small) offers an easy manual alternative to an electric chopper. Made from high-quality food-grade, BPA free, ABS plastic, this vegetable crusher is safe for everyday use in the kitchen. It facilitates ease of use with its functional design and comfortable grip. By simply putting your ingredients inside the crusher and firmly rotating the head, you can crush them into fine pieces as per your liking. This vegetable crusher comes equipped with 20 blades to ensure the ingredients are finely sliced for your different culinary requirements. Its compact and innovative form ensures that it can be stored easily.

    Product Features :

    Safe Usage :
    Vegetable Crusher is designed from 100% food-grade plastic which is free from harmful chemicals like BPA. It is safe for everyday use in the kitchen.

    Fine Chopping :
    To crush the ingredients into fine pieces as per your needs, simply add them into the Vegetable Crusher and rotate the head. With 20 blades on the inside (10 movable and 10 stationary), it ensures your contents are sliced and crushed properly without missing anything.

    No Electricity Required :
    Vegetable Crusher offers an easy manual alternative to an electric chopper. You can have thin, fine slices of garlic, ginger, parsley, coriander, curry leaves, almonds, and cashews to enhance the flavour of your delicacies without using electrical power.

    Innovative Design :
    Vegetable Crusher comes in handy in the kitchen while chopping, as it is comfortable to use with a good grip. Its innovative, compact form makes for easy storage in your kitchen.

    Function :
    put ingredients, fruit or vegetable into small pieces into the machine, assemble it and turn the part, and you can see amazing blending.

    Sold By: WESTARS

    Ginger Garlic Crusher for Kitchen

  • Apple Cutter (Multi Color)

    Sold By: WESTARS

    Cut Apples with Ease: The seeded core in the centre of an apple makes cutting it a particularly difficult and cumbersome experience. The Your Brand apple cutter, with its unique design and high quality materials, aids in cutting uniform slices of apples in a simple and efficient manner. Simply press it down against an apple and the sharp stainless steel blade slices through it into eight even slices. Multipurpose Use, Easy to Maintain: Using the Your Brand apple cutter, you can quickly serve your guests or family members with neatly cut apple slices or use them in a fruit salad as per your requirements. The unique design of this cutter precisely removes the core, thus eliminating seeds and giving you only the desirable flesh of the fruit. Made from high quality plastic and stainless steel, this apple cutter is durable and will last for a long time even with regular use. For cleaning, simply wash the cutter with detergent and water.

    • Cuts apples and removes the core.
    • Makes eight even slices.
    • Sharp and durable stainless steel blade for effortless cutting.
    • Easy to clean and wash.
    • Material: Plastic and stainless steel.
    Sold By: WESTARS

    Apple Cutter (Multi Color)

  • 5 In 1 Multifunction Vegetable Cutter Manual Dicer with Container Box

    Sold By: WESTARS

    5 in 1 Multifunction Vegetable Cutter Manual Dicer with Container Box :

    Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Vegetables Cutter Fast chopper slicer kitchen tools. 100% Brand new and high quality 5 Interchangeable options nicer cutter in hand format. The smallest of all can be operated with one hand and thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for on the go. Thick slices, thin slices, cubes, pins and sixth. Cut directly into the pot, pan or bowl. Collection container with a fresh lid for cutting directly into it and storing safely. Chop into thick or thin slices and can also chop into wedges works fast and efficient works 10x faster than using regular knives to cut and dice storage container can keep the food airtight. Easy to clean can be disassembled into pieces and placed in the dishwasher.

    Product Features : 

    • The vegetable cutter can free-up your kitchen space, also can be carry in outdoor cooking, you can quickly cut the fruit into small pieces for consumption save time
    • New Design : Multi-function can be vegetable cutter,fruit cutter,slicer,onion cutter, column cutter, egg cutter, potato cutter, dice cutter, Multi cutter and crusher etc.
    • The smallest of all can be operated with one hand and thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for on the go.
    • Perfect as gift for cooking lover, friends and mom in kitchen cooking holiday New Year dinner party,outdoor indoor party cooking
    • Easy to Clean : Dishwasher safe, also rinsed off direct.
  • Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

    Sold By: WESTARS

    Model Name: 132_Steel_Lemon_Squeez.
    Color: Steel.
    Material: Stainless Steel.
    Suitable For: Vegetables, Fruits, Lemon, Citrus.

    Sold By: WESTARS

    Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

  • Portable Travel Mug/Tumbler With Lid

    Sold By: WESTARS
    • Take this travel coffee mug to go outside for outdoor activities instead of disposable poisonous cups. It’s very convenient to carry on a trip.
    • Never worry about leakage. 100% Leak proof.
    • Durable, BPA-free plastic construction; double walled insulation keeps drinks hot or cold.
    • It’s washable and reusable, simply wash with soap and refreeze afterwards, you can use it again and again. Can be reused, can be split and washed with water, usually frozen once and used once, the built-in condensate has a very long shelf life.
    • Practical gifts are the best kinds of gifts! If you know a tea or coffee lover, a traveller then is one is surely for you.
    Sold By: WESTARS

    Portable Travel Mug/Tumbler With Lid

  • Foldable Chopping Board, Dish Rack, Washing Bowl & Draining Basket, 3 In 1 Multi-Function

    Sold By: WESTARS

    3 In 1 Multi-Function Portable Foldable Chopping Board, Dish Rack, Washing Bowl & Draining Basket


    Can be used as dish tub for household needs and camping clean-up such as washing dishes and carrying iced beverages, durable chopping board for cutting, chopping and slicing after folding ideal for dishes/fruit/vegetable/meat/seafood/ or dish rack for utensil.


    Made from high quality, BPA-free, food grade premium PP+TPR material, the smart container is hygienic, lightweight, odors resistant and is safe for food. Highly durable, it will not crack, warp or split, giving you many years of use. Spill-proof trenches prevent liquid overflow, keeping the kitchen clean and healthy.


    Ideal solution to small kitchens and crowed cabinet. This innovative and lightweight bucket is designed for easy storage and carrying that can be expanded and collapsed to 1/3 (less than 1.5 inch) of its original height. It folds into a compact shape for space saving, easy storage and carrying. Easy to pack and transport, it is the perfect cooking utensil for outdoor, garden, patio, back deck, camping, picnics, BBQ, fishing, caravanning.


    The collapsible portable bucket come with integrated plug and strainer, simply press the plug to drain or strain water. The contoured ergonomic handles and light weight allow the tub stand over the sink and hold itself, and also make pick-up and carrying easy for scraping ingredients into a pot or waste into the trash. Stain resistance for easy and convenient cleaning to preserve  hygiene.

  • Spatula 8.5 inch Brush

    Sold By: WESTARS
    • Brand new and high quality.
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
    • Multipurpose kitchen utensil tool.
    • Suitable for baking, cooking, BBQ basting.
    • For brushing oil on cookers when making cakes, bread, butter or barbecuing.
    • Practical and stylish.
    • Can be used repeatedly.
    • Easy-to-clean and good temperature resistance.
    • Material: Silicone + Plastic.
    • Size:17cm
    Sold By: WESTARS

    Spatula 8.5 inch Brush

  • Multi-Function with Integrated Colander Mixing Bowl Washing Rice, Vegetable and Fruits Drainer Bowl-Size: 21x17x8.5cm(Small)

    Sold By: WESTARS
    • Size: 21x17x8.5 cm.
    • Multi-Function with Integrated Colander Mixing Bowl.
    • Draining pasta noodles, washing vegetables, rinsing rice and grains, even using in conjunction with cheesecloth to strain yogurt or stock, a colander is indispensable in a well-equipped kitchen.

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